It all starts by not accepting anything else

Whether or not we want to admit it, COVID-19 has changed all of our lives drastically.  From social distancing, to shutting down our communities, government reaction has been widespread and invasive.  This not only occurred on a national level through the Federal government, but also in our local government all the way down to the school board.  

The Parkland School Board was no different.  Decisions to put children in full time virtual remote learning were forced upon parents and guardians.  Parents who objected for any reasons were not given other options and forced to comply.  Regardless of if a parent had childcare for their kids, or resources to have them home, the school board left them stranded and did not provide a full time in-person option.  

The resulting quality of education provided in the remote learning environment was severely lacking.  Full time in-person learning is required in order for students to get the most out of their education.  Additionally taxpayers are also providing the best net benefit to students when their tax dollars are being used to fund in-person full time learning.  Students in Parkland were relegated to their homes, stuck behind a computer screen for hours at a time.   Deprived of an in-person learning environment our students suffered emotionally, psychologically, and academically.  The likes of which we have only begun to understand.  

One thing we do know is that a proper full time in-person learning environment is essential for our children to receive the best education they deserve, and that we as taxpayers are paying for.    We work hard for our money, and we need to make sure our tax dollars are being allocated properly.  This includes proper allocation within the Parkland School District.  We as parents, and taxpayers get a say in the educational product that the school district provides.  

Moving forward we need to ensure that full time, in-person learning will always be provided.  We can accomplish this by making sure our elected school board director vow to make full time in-person learning always an option to students.  As a candidate for school board director I can promise you that if elected, I will never vote for an education that does not allow for a full time in-person option.  Cross filed incumbents who shut the school doors on our students and families during the pandemic need to be “shown the door.”  

This is why on November 2nd parents across Parkland ask you to only vote for Jarrett Coleman for Parkland School Board.